The whole website of  "Maths for Europe"  on one CD-ROM !

Not only to have a permanent memory of our great co-operation, but also to be  sure that all the work of those who contributed won't get lost, we made this CD-Rom. For educational purposes, a copy of the CD can be obtained sending your request to the project co-ordinator :

Students of our Finnish partnerschool made the inspiring drawing on the left of the inside CD-cover. Indeed, the four participating upper secondary schools of Europe are connected by the different activities of this maths project  and also  by an elliptical curve.


The design on the right was composed by Jolien De Boodt and Kato De Malsche taking pictures out of the total project website. With this composition they want to point out what can be useful to become a good mathematician :  learning from the thinking patterns of the past,  using all possible and available means and tools,  looking around for ( being open to ) mathematical properties in numbers, games, constructions, nature ...




All designs on the CD-rom, all drawings and pictures as well as the content of the website are covered by copyright, owned by those who created, wrote or contributed to the original items. 


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