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First project year

- We started the first of three project years with the grants promised and/or given for the period of 1st March 1998 until 28th February 1999.

- In March 1998 the economics teacher Nina Elisabeth Nilsen from the partnerschool of Greåker and project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman from the partnerschool of Sint-Niklaas participated in the European Teacher Placement Contact-meeting in Gent(BE). At this seminar, the name  "Maths for Europe" was given to this project by UBI International Programmes Director and European Teacher Placement Co-ordinator Maurice Cohen. 

- Since May 1998 Manchester(EN) High School was interested to join with the three initial partners in this maths project. After having informed and consulted the  initial partners and the representatives of the national agencies involved, the project co-ordinator visited 
Manchester High School for Girls on 22nd May 1998 and met staff members.

- On 2nd June 1998, on occasion of the Council of Europe In-service Training "Innovations in Teaching of Science and Maths" in Oslo, the project co-ordinator visited the partnerschool of Greåker and met prinicpal Per Otto Larsen and other staff members. Together with the school co-ordinator Tom Brahde Knutsen and other teachers involved in the project, the progress of the students' work for the project was discussed.

- The project co-ordinator took part in the International In-service Training Course for European School Co-ordinators in Alden Biesen(BE) at the beginning of October 1998.

- During the first week of November 1998, the
project meeting of the first year was held in Vittorio Veneto. The head of maths Knut Aage Lerfald and maths teacher Iren Halvorsrød from Greåker together with the maths teacher Yo Dhondt and the project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman from Sint-Niklaas attended the project meeting.

- Principal Luigi Floriani and the head of philosophy Pascuale Di Nunno from the partnerschool of Vittorio Veneto went on study visit to the partnerschool in Greåker. They were accompanied by their school co-ordinator Antonio Carnielli. The Norwegian company HYDRO S.A., being "impressed by the praiseworthy initiative", decided to sponsor the presence of the history teacher Annick Van Boxelaer from the co-ordinating school of Sint-Niklaas to this meeting held on 15th and 16th February 1999.

Second project year

- In April 1999, with the permission of Norsk Hydro and the National Socrates Agency of Belgium Flanders and the help of Birger Taranger(Norwegian contact teacher of the videregående of Stord), the project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman could go on Teacher Placement in Bergen (Norway) . The scientific training included a visit to the oil platform Njord A together with the winning class of the national Norwegian oil and gas contest 1999. Norsk Hydro, being interested in the mathsproject, asked the project co-ordinator to have a one-day meeting with Seksjonsleder-Studie Harald Åge Sæthre of the maths and science faculty of the University of Bergen for discussing the pedagogical and mathematical results of the project.

- On 3rd June,  Elizabeth Downie, head of the informatics of the Manchester High School for Girls, came to the Belgian partnerschool. During the meetings with principal Freddy Cloet, informatics teacher Dirk De Windt and project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman, more information was given resp. about the Belgian schoolsystem, the computernetwork of the school and the progress of the students' work for the maths project.

- Together with group leader Morten JØdal from the Europahuset of Oslo , 20 teachers/supervisors/co-ordinators of Norwegian schools, came on 26th June to the co-ordinating school of Sint-Niklaas to learn more about the working and results of this project.

- On 28th June, the Finnish National Socrates Agency confirmed to the Mikkilin Yhteiskoulun Lukio that their application, to become a new member partnerschool in this maths project,  had been accepted.

- Approved by the Norwegian Socrates Agency and with the help of project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman,  Birger Taranger came on Teacher Placement at the EU and co-operating Norwegian Institutions in Brussels from 3rd to 11th September.

- From  4th to 8th  September the partner meeting of the second project year was held in Sint-Niklaas. The project group, consisting of principal Per Otto Larsen, head of maths Jens Olaf Hvalgård and school co-ordinator Tom Brahde Knutsen from Greåker together with head of philosophy Pascuale Di Nunno and school co-ordinator Antonio Carnielli from Vittorio Veneto together with associate principal Pentti Hangasmaa from Mikkeli together with maths teacher Yo Dhondt and project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman, discussed new suggestions and planned further project activities.
On occasion of this meeting Vice President Public and EU affairs Marc De Schinckel and Assistant Corporate Officer Gabriella Fumagalli, representing the sponsor HYDRO S.A., met the group in Sint-Niklaas and participated at the
balloonevent of Sept 4. Thanks to the support of mayor Jef Foubert, vice-mayor Filip De Jonge, balloon event organizers Jean and Annette Sax, pilot Patrick Roelant and bankmanager Eric Van Hoecke of Krediet aan de Nijverheid, the representatives of HYDRO S.A. and two foreign partnerteachers could see the " Waasland " region around Sint-Niklaas from an altitude of 600m out of a  hot air balloon.
On Monday 6th September 1999, the partner group
met students and teachers  in the school of Sint-Niklaas  and also schoolprincipal Freddy Cloet. Thanks to the  cooperation of Mrs Lorna Hoe, Mr Barney Trench, Mr Yves Beernaert, Mr J.Verlaan, the project  group and Birger Taranger could have meetings and visits at the EU institutions, Socrates and Leonardo Da Vinci, Socrates and Youth TAO and the European Parliament in Brussels on 7th and 8th September.     

- On 30th November, the project co-ordinator was allowed to participate at the " Evaluation Comenius Action 1" seminar held in Alden Biesen(BE). 

- At the end of the 20th century, inspired by the works done in the first and second project year about Egyptian and Mayan numerals, we designed a special Christmas and New Year's card.    

Third project year

- From 4th March to 8th March 2000, the first project meeting of the third year was held in Vittorio Veneto with the participation of the school co-ordinator Tom Brahde Knutsen and maths teacher Iren Halvorsrød from Greåker together with associate principal Pentti Hangasmaa from Mikkeli together with maths teacher Yo Dhondt and the project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman from Sint-Niklaas. On arrival during the weekend the different delegations could visit the Venice Carnival. Monday 6th March, still being holiday for the Italian school, their principal + 8 teachers + 16 students presented an extensive interesting programme. On behalf of the sponsor, Microsoft Benelux, the project co-ordinator was allowed to grant to each school co-ordinator the packages Office and Frontpage 2000. On Tuesday 7th, also a holiday for the Italian school, the Finnish and Flemish partnerteachers paid a visit to the enormous perfect elleptical Arena of Verona.

- Principal
Jari Tuomenpuro from Mikkeli visited the partnerschool in Greåker from  27th March to 3th April 2000.

- A second partnermeeting was held in Mikkeli from 26th August to 30th August. Plans about the  further project activities and agreements concerning the finishing of the project (31st July 2001) were made with the Italian vice-principal Pasquale Di Nunno, the Norwegian teachers Knut Aage Lerfald and Jens Olaf Hvalgård, the Finnish vice-principal Pentti Hangasmaa and principal Jari Tuomenpuro and the Belgian teachers Ria Pelckmans and project co-ordinator Marie-Thérèse Loeman.  Questions about the different schoolsystems were discussed together with  teachers and students of the Mikkelin Yhteiskoulun lukio.  Chief Education Officer Heikki Hirvonen explained the support and resulting impact of the educational services from the town of Mikkeli to the schools. 

- Our best wishes for 2001

- Supported by Texas Instruments and the organizing committee of the Fifth International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, held at the University of Klagenfurt (Austria) August 6 - 9, 2001, the results of the project could be presented during this Conference in Strand 1, dealing with Integration of IC Technologies into learning processes and directed by Professor J.B.Lagrange from the University of Rennes(France). Thanks to the Belgian Railways, a preperatory meeting took place during the last week of May 2001.  

- From 22th July until 29th July 2001, the project co-ordinator took part in the
COMENIUS 2 IN-SERVICE TRAINING COURSE "la Historia de la Ciencia en la enseñanza secundaria" organized by the Centro del Profesorado "Valle de La Orotava" (Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife) being the "Centro oficial, de formación continua, de la Consejería de Educación del Gobierno de las Canarias". This participation was supported by the bank "Onderling Beroepskrediet" and the organizing committee itself.

- We made a CD containing all the links to all the works, the partners, the activities and the objectives. The inside cover contains a design made in the Finnish partnerschool and the composition of the outside cover and the lay-out were made by students of Belgium.

- On invitation of and because of the bursary granted by the Centre for Mathematical Sciences of the University of Cambridge(UK), the presentation of the parallel session "How to learn from and make history in maths with the help of ICT" was greatly appreciated by the delegates during the IMECT3 Conference, held from July 11 - 13 , 2002. We are very grateful to the Belgian Railways for their continuous support.