Partnermeeting August 26th to August 30th, 2000

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maths lesson given by Jens Olaf Hvalgård(NO) and Marie-Thérèse Loeman(BE)

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students of Mikkelin Yhteiskoulun lukio playing the kantele

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Teachers of Mikkelin Yhteiskoulun lukio and partnerteachers from Norway, Italy and Belgium involved in the project

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explantion about the projectwork done in the Finnish partnerschool 

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Knut A. Lerfald, principal Urheilupuisto JuniorHigh, Pasquale Di Nunno

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Mikaeli : Concert and Congres Hall of Mikkeli

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Mrs Ria Pelckmans and principal Jari Tuomenpuro

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Kenkävero(Mikkeli) : the biggest vicarage of Finland

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