The  history of some aspects of mathematics like:  
history of mathematical persons, symbols, algorithms...

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Objectives, expected outcomes and concrete end products

Believing that teaching maths may not be reduced to practising rules, it must stimulate love for maths, creative thinking, looking at the problems from a wider point of view, in a multidisciplinary context, making links to other fields like philosophy, learning from the great thinkers of the past and the present moment.

Possible approach strategies can be : reading, searching through libraries, internet, ask for information at other institutions in each country and compare it.

We want to encourage our students during the lessons of maths, history, philosophy... to investigate for the existence of important mathematicians who lived in the three participating countries, Italy, Norway, Belgium and the origin and the development of the mathematical symbols, ideas, concept representations, algorithms...

In addition we will make innovative use of new information and communications technology ( internet + e-mail) and involve hereby an intensive exchange of information and experience on innovative methods of teaching.

The students will send the gathered information to other interested schools and institutions inside the three countries as well as to the partner schools by e-mail. Any question raised by the partnerschools about the information sent will be investigated and answered. In addition the involved teachers of maths, history,.. will try to incorporate in their lessons results and information given by the partnerschools. The latter because we want that the students should be aware of the fact that concepts found by ancient, modern and contemporary mathematicians serves and will serve our present and future society.

We intend to produce a calendar or book or poster or multimedial text or CD-rom or website.

Each school, working at this project, can choose and develop one or more aspects of maths completely or in part in order to focus some aspects of them.

In the coordinating school,"Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Presentatie", interested students and teachers of all classes of the 4th and 5th year will have the opportunity to participate : they can work with a group of 20 at the time using an ISDN-line to investigate on internet the contribution of Belgian thinkers, and the new concepts they introduced, from the middle ages until now to the development of maths. Prepared in advance and helped by universities and teacher training centres, they’ll try to establish a website that can be part of the existing maths information pages on internet.

The partnerschool " Liceo Flaminio" wants to take part to this project focusing to the history of the development of the principle mathematical concepts and the history of the mathematical symbols development and of the different mathematical concept representations. This school participates with two groups of students : one belonging to the classic liceo and the other to the scientific liceo. The first group could develop his work referring to the ancient Greek and modern mathematics while the second might study the same points referring to the modern and contemporary mathematics

The partnerschool "Greåker" wants to let their students work with algorithms from ancient cultures. We want them to explain why those algorithms work and make their own examples. In addition we want our students search for information of some Norwegian mathematicians. This will be like small biographies and as far as possible, tell about their contributions to mathematics.