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The texts of this presentation have been written partly in English, partly in Italian by the students of M. Flaminio under guidance of their teacher Mrs Maria Del Guidice. They have been combined in a single lively presentation done using the Toolbook (version ...). Click on the temple image to start the presentation. Once the presentation has begun, click on the button of your choice to progress. Warning: when you click on the door symbol (right below) the Toolbook presentation closes.

In case the presentation does not start because you have never viewed other Toolbook pages before e.g. with Netscape (version 2.0 or later) using the Neuron plug-in or with Internet Explorer (version 3.0 or later) using the Neuron ActiveX control, you need first to download and install Neuron.exe to be able to see this presentation. It may take some time to download Neuron. To download Neuron click: Asymetrix Toolbook plug-in. You need to download by preference the Neuron version that corresponds to your operating system and to the Toolbook version used to write this presentation (see above). A higher version will probably also work but version specific scripts may not work properly.

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